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Refinance Student Loans was created by two risk takers, two dreamers who were sick and tired of politics. Sick and tired of lenders who give student loans at high rates while leaving students who want to get out of debt and start their lives stuck paying really high interest rates.

So we partnered with some of the best student loan consolidation companies to help 1 million people refinance their student loans by 2020.

Feeling overwhelmed, tired, or frustrated with your student loan debt? Ready to be debt free? Here’s where to start!

Sign up for the (FREE) Debt Mindset Reset 7-day email course. And then actually do the action items. Getting out of debt really starts with changing the way you think — and that involves taking action!

Make minimum payments to all your debts. If you can’t do that yet, bring in extra income and cut spending until you can, brainstorm options, and go from there.

Pick the debt you want to pay off first. It’s good to pick either the debt with the lowest balance or the one you hate most. If you’re hung up on picking the “right” one, know this: it doesn’t really matter all that much. Just pick one and focus on making it a goner.

Start your debt snowball. Get motivated to pay them off, and then one by one knock them down.

Build a small emergency fund. Here’s how. To help you do this and all of the other steps faster/easier, start tracking your spending now. This can be super simple: When you buy something, just write down what you bought and how much it was. Total it up as you go. You don’t even have to read your list again for it to start to make a difference.

Let the world know when you’re debt free! Remember, I’m here to encourage you along the way. And I definitely want to hear about it when you pay off a debt!

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