7 Home Businesses You Can Start With No Money

Growing up I had my idea of what a job was. However traditional jobs couldn’t offer me the freedom I wanted in my own life. So I started researching work from home jobs and home businesses based jobs. However back in the early 90’s there wasn’t a whole lot you could do at home.

Nowadays people are looking for more opportunities whether as a second job, or a side hustle to help them pay down their student loans faster. We have compiled a list of 7 jobs you can start today with no cash investment besides your own time.

Professional Survey Taker

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There are a number of scams in the survey taking world, and their are a number of great survey opportunities.
Panda Research, Global Test Market, MySurvey, Vindale Research, and Survey Savvy are the 5 that I strongly recommend.

To get started you will need a laptop, or desktop, a good internet connection, and time each day to fill out surveys. Some surveys require that you test out products, or applications.

While no one is going to get rich being a professional survey taker there is real money to made. If you use this as a side hustle you could make a few hundred dollars extra a month, or more to pay off your student loans.

How To Become A Surver Taker by Career Trends

Uber Driver

According to Harry Campbell, a writer and entrepreneur also known as The RideShare Guy, the main things you need to get started are a smartphone and a newish four-door car. Uber requirements do state that your vehicle needs to be a newer model ( at least 2006 or 2011 in most states), but they have been known to make exceptions for older luxury cars — think a classic Mercedes.

Harry also notes that Uber requires a car inspection, but that this can be performed easily and cheaply at your local car shop. And other than owning a car and getting it inspected, there are virtually no other start-up costs involved.

How To Become An Uber Driver by Ridester


You might think it’s a total joke but being a baby sitter can be a highly profitable job if you have excellent clients, and focus on quality care. There is little to no overhead, and you are basically just trading your spare time for money. But it’s a great way to save money, and pay down your debts, or better yet to get ahead financially.

How To Become A Babysitter by Care.com

Freelancer Writer

There are so many platforms to sell your writing. From Upwork.com, Freelancer.com, and others that almost anyone who is an average to above average writer can become a freelance writer.

How To Become A Freelance Writer by Elna Cain


There are many bloggers who start out with a small website that if done correctly can blossom into a full time business. If you are a student, or a stay at home parent a blog can be a great opportunity for you to make additional revenue, or start an entire business around your blog.

How To Become An Authority Blogger by Copyblogger

Self Published Author

These days anyone can become a self published author using the power of Kindle publishing.  There are a number of resources you can lean on to learn how to become a self published author.

How To Become a Successful Self Published Author by Michael Hyatt

Virtual Assistant

There is a growing movement of people who love using virtual assistants whether you are a business owner, or a busy family who needs someone who can make your appointments, check your calendar, respond to basic emails, and pay your bills. Virtual assistants are in high demand.

How To Become A Virtual Assistant With No Experience

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