Avoiding Wage Garnishment

Image this scenario. You come into work on the first Monday after Christmas. The holidays are finally over. You can finally start buying that Starbucks that you quit buying because […]

8 Jobs Will Help You Pay Off Your Debt

It’s no secret that millions of Americans are dealing with student loan debt, and it’s likely many more will borrow money for college in the future. If you’re one of […]

Sofi Student Loan Review

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Buying a House with Student Loan Debt

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Student Loan Consolidation

Wondering about student loan consolidation? You’re not alone. Thirty-eight million Americans have student loan debt, and many of them juggle more than one loan. It’s not uncommon for graduates to […]

Student Loan Forgiveness

Student loan debt is something that plagues almost two-thirds of all college graduates. The average student loan balance is $33,000, and is on the rise each year as the cost […]